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how many times have you called him my name... [entries|friends|calendar]

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jay four is... [06 Sep 2004|02:11pm]
the new brit rischell of livejournal.
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stolen from nicky b... [25 Aug 2004|09:09pm]
i'm gonna miss that nigga.

You are the sacto HOODS

What hardcore band are you?
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what ever happened to the burial plan...? [08 Aug 2004|12:22pm]
... the plan worked.
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so tired... [04 Aug 2004|07:45pm]
working in philly all week...and next week... got my first paycheck... WOW... i'm making alot more then i thought i was, this is hatred... i mean awesome...stopped to see kori twice this week... she wasn't there... maybe she was but her car wasn't, i didn't bother going inside... i remember me and her had dinner a few weeks ago she was telling me her bf doesn't have a car or it doesn't work or something so maybe he just drops her off at work like she does for him...just had a long long talk with megan... i seriously feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders...i only sleep 4 hours in the past 2 days and my body is shutting down... slept at maggies last night...watched a really weird movie about a lesbian prostitute murderer...everyone wants to go to oc tonite but i dont know if i have it in me... i can't wait till warped tour friday... party saturdaynight at brittany's should be hot...no bad pornos...no cocaine...no marks on the walls...no pressure...no lying...no problems...nothing to hide.
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i treat my motherfucking friends like brothers... [01 Aug 2004|11:19am]
[ mood | tired ]

word is traveling fast about the party...

-40 funnels
-when amanda walked in the door
-coggins getting trashed within ten minutes of walking in the door
-pb's foil glove
-last and def not least the gnarly room and all its escapades, those who were in there know what i'm talking about

thanks to everyone that came, and to everyone that didn't, you have probably heard about it and def will be at the next one. i hope to have some pleasant surpise appearences.

josh, jay and vin's birthday are all within the next 3 weeks...

jess, sorry i missed your party.


so right now im with george and derm, we are in derms car going to esun's before we head down to maryland. i brought my laptop and cellphone so i could go online and make the ride a bit easier.

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still sick... [28 Jul 2004|11:34am]
[ mood | congested ]

hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow.

today and tomorrow are my days off this week. i should probably spend one whole day cleaning.

went to a party at jess's again last nite. was really good seeing grant, i miss that fool. friday is gonna be fun, vince and drew will be around. glad to see josh made it out last nite. i'm really starting to worry about him and i know im not alone. i'm glad i got amanda out of the house, she needed a night out. the night basically consisted of drinking lots of alcohol and adult swim. after everyone went home, liz came over and we watched kill bill.

i'm trying to get justin and the rio kids to come up today.

supposed to hang out with nancy this weekend. hopefully her work schedule won't get fucked up. poor girl.

i have a feeling everyone is going to end up here tonite.

i should go buy a vaccuum but i think im going to have to wait till i get paid friday.

the unwilling really needs to have a reunion show.

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i hate myself... [27 Jul 2004|04:05am]
[ mood | drunk ]

i can't believe i said that in front of megan. i didn't realize she was behind me. she didn't need to hear that. she is better then that. i geuss i should look over my shoulder before i tried to make jess and liz laugh. it wasn't even funny. im sorry.

as for the rest of today...

worked till 5, came home and slept. when i woke up jay4, geo and kt were here. jay left and me geo and kt hung out for a while till we went to jess's party. say alot of kids i haven't seen in years and i had alot of fun. i slipped at the end of the night (see first paragraph of this entry).

i'm really sick. flu like sick. day quil is my new best friend.

i work in philly 8/2-8/16 so if anyone who lives in pa or west jerz and wants to let me crash at their place and cut an hour or so off my daily commute i would really appreciate it.

i'm wide awake. i'm about to go back tro the party...

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this stays between the four of us... [23 Jul 2004|05:44am]
[ mood | pretty fucking drunk ]

i just got home.

worked till 10 then met up with geo. drove to his house then met up with coggins's. hit up the the gym and the sauna, then went to my place then dave's place. stay there and watched aqua teen hunger force and real sex on on-demand. i took the rest of my stitches out. played lots of black jack and go fish. when we walked out the sun was coming up.

now im home.

and online. why? i should be sleeping. instead im on the couch with my lap top with george watching show videos.

im off tomorrow, which is really today but i just haven't gone to bed yet. so if anyone wants to do anything today (friday), let me know. i'm in the mood to be around people i miss or haven't seen in a while.

i'm picking up my car tomorrow whenever me and george wake up. god knows when that will be.

i really need to do laundry and have dry cleaning done.

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take a couple prozac then call me back... [22 Jul 2004|01:17pm]
went to work yesterday, bought some clothes, then came home from work yesterday met up with the boys and went to philly to see ssoa/blacklisted at the church. 2 h ours to get there cause traffic was redic with the brdige closed, so i just sat in traffic and pulled my stitchces out. show was hot. literally. got there just as ssoa went on, the timing was perfect. it was reed's last show, saw alot of people i didn't expect to see. none more suprising then megan. she looks good. i serioiusly have so much respect for her. we got to talk,which was nice, i wish me and her could be closer, but you can't always get what you want. saw alot of people i haven't seen in a while, a few i probably could have dealt without seeing but i bit my tounge and acted nice cause it was the right thing to do. ten million people were asking me how my hand was, i probably met them all at that show/party but was too drunk to rememeber who they are so i just pretended like i knew them when they were telling me about how crazy that night was. came home after the show, few people came over then called it a night. i have to go into work today to cover for someone on vacation so i can't get my car today but i'll be getting some nice overtime and i'll just get my car tomorrow.

i need a new vaccuum.

i need a new girlfriend.

anyone who replies that a vaccuum could be a girlfriend really needs to rethink their life.

my manager said "say i won't" at work yesterday. wow.

ok, time for the least favorite part of my day, time to iron my work clothes.


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[19 Jul 2004|12:22pm]
college dropout is the soundtrack to my life. drop out of college, get a real job, don't waste your time on degrees, get your own place, pay your own rent, buy your own shit. kanye knows whats up. i'm doing pretty good for 21. this time next year i'll be doing twice as good... my car is done i have to pick it up but i dont think i'll be able to till thursday. i can't wait to see it.

p.s.- i'm doing really goood on my diet.

p.p.s.- i wanna get a dog, maybe an akita.
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[19 Jul 2004|11:50am]
got off work saturday, got changed then me and laura went straight from work to the party at jared's. wow. ice luge. kegs. million people. its funny seeing people you work with (esp management) get low at a party. black mail city. it was good seeing all the people from allt he other locations i have worked at. i got a million congradulations on my new position. everyone was trash which made it even more fun going to work the next and straight form the party and everyone was hung over. some worse then others. it seemed like the longest day ever even though it was just a sunday and we are open shorter hours. jay four, dave, dylan and doug all stopped to see me but we were so busy i didn't really get a chance to talk to any of them. didn't get off work in time to go to the no end in sight show so i met up with geo and kurt and we went down to the promenade and met up with sean, steve, justin, dylan, doug, jr, brit, and later with mary kay at the diner. too much texting going on at the table. i picked up the bill cause im a nice guy like that. came back watched the new hellfest dvd and boston beatdown 2. ok gotta shower and go to work now. my apartment is a mess. i will pay 50 bucks to anyone who can clean it and do all my laundry and iron all my work clothes.


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[11 Jul 2004|09:23pm]
came home from work last nite and met up with jay kurt josh jess and dave and went up to the ssoa show last nite in camden. was already drunk when i got there, and just kept drinking. good to see everyone, even though i probably don't remember most of what happen. went to the liquor store with jay money came back just in time for ssoa. i was dancing swung back and sliced my hand on sheet metal. i probably wouldn't have bled so much if i wasn't so drunk. 12 stitches. shit was cut right to the bone. good thing i have awesome benefits. how do you get blood out of adidas's? maggie came over today and took care of me. she is the best. walked to wawa cause my keys are still in josh hecks car. i wanna thank eveyrone who has been calling me just to make sure i'm ok. i have the best friends a guy could ask for. special thanks to dave for taking me to the er and stay ing and waiting for me, jay four for sacrificing his shirt to make me stop bleeding, borna for making me stop moshing and go to the hospital, and everyone at the show for not getting mad at me for bleeding on them. you guys all rock.


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today was my first day in my new position... [06 Jul 2004|10:12pm]
I had to wake up earlier this morning cause i had a meeting with HR in philly. traffic on 42 was redic. was only there 3 hours then drove back to the store and hung out there for a minute. showed off my nice clothes i just got at express, paid for my car. josh's parents almost shit when they saw me in my work clothes haha. josh's mom is such a sweet heart. then came home and went to sleep. plans got broke and i am now wide awake and bored and hungry.
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damn i been busy... [04 Jul 2004|10:42am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Finally some time of...

Technically im unemployed right now... My last day with Solectron was yesterday and my first day with Verizon Wireless is Wednesday. Meeting in philly tuesday, only gonna be a couple hours but i'll get paid for the full day so thats cool. I need to go to express and get more shirts and ties since i have to wear them everyday now. I think me and Reed are going shopping for formal attire one day this week once he gets paid.

Went to the show the other night. Shit got a little crazy during roundhouse. Saw my nigga Jimmy, ain't seen him since me jay and big jay went to that show in lansdale in october. We had a long talk and drank alot. by the time we actually went inside everyone was trashed. lots of mosh. lots of property damage. i feel bad that i missed no end in sight. i'm sorry guys you know ill be at the next show. after the show everyone came her and watched the video from the show. Most people left around 1, bryan, murro, and justin stayed late and we ate buffalo wings and pizza.

Geo and Jay renovated my place.

Been hanging out with alex and maggie alot.

Finally met Caren. what a sweetheart.

Kurt, you need to fill me in on that shit. you know what im talking about.

I have got drunk every nite this week. I really need to slow down.

I need a massage.

I need a girlfriend. I came to the conclusion that I want to have a really serious girlfriend by christmas. Jay four was talking about having a christmas tree in my apartment and how there is plenty of room for one in the corner of the lviing room by all the windows and how eveyrone who drives by will be able to see it. I t made me think about how i was alone all during the holidays last year until my phone rang xmas day. it was the best present i could have asked for but it was short lived.

i can't wait for my car to get done. i miss it. its been a week now.

maybe ill go see the fireworks in oc tonite. i lost my watch at the fireworks in oc last year.

i really need to have dry cleaning done.

any of you poor kids wanna make extra money? i need someone to clean apartment, do my laundry, iron my clothes, do the dishes, go grocery shopping, etc, basically all the stuff my mom did while i lived at home. i'll pay well.

i think i need a new vaccuum.

i love soulseek.

man this entry is long. i'll probably keep typing till george wakes up so we can clean and figure out what we are doing today/tonite.

ok let me post this before some how i lose it.

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its been, its been a year... [22 Jun 2004|11:38pm]
its seems so much longer. I called her today just to say hi but it was a bad time.

my romantic year in review:

june - sept: hopelessly in love with kori, spend all my time, money and effort on her. we still messed around the whole time but for her it just wasn't the same so she went and found love else where and i got a new job and found a new focus. i hated the fact that she wanted everything to be a secret, but i geuss what goes around comes around. and when this came around it hit me hard.

sept-november: met mal and jacee. mal was more like a best friend at this time. she was really there for me and i could count on her then. jacee i kinda of met on a whim. she was fun, my friends liked her and she was the first girl i really liked after kori. things with jacee went sour mainly due to the fact that i no longer worked in marlton so i was never really in her area and because i was working 2 jobs and she was working 3. it was fun while it lasted.

november-december: these are the mal months. me and mal had alot of fun together sitting in my car listening to yellow card down in kennedy park under the stars. going to see musicals with jay 4. while mal was out being bad, i would spend most of my time with paula.this lasted up until the time she h ad moved back to toms river. she is seriously such a sweet girl. i dont know if i could ever go out with her again but she is def one of the best friends that i have and i woulnd't trade that for anything.

january- kori is back. things are perfect. for a week. maybe two. we talked of getting back together. mal made sure that didn't last long at all. those were the happiest days i had since me and her were together. i dont know what it is about her. we have been broken up longer then we had went out yet i still miss her to death.

febuary-april- these are the dark days of the mal months. my parents threw me out again and i have been on my own since. even though me and mal were never a couple we were practically married. i geuss you could say it was an open relationship but it really wasn't on my side but im sure she would have 8 different stories to tell about all that. stupid scene girls getting crushes on me was getting mal mad jealous and of course as soon as one tries stuff with me mal moves right in and starts telling stories to scare her away. she seems to be quite good at that because no matter how perposterous her lies are some how ppl still believe th em. i should know best im guilty of it. mal's lying had grown to be out of control and i coulnd't take it anymore. she had to go. should have never got her that cell phone either.

april-june: these days i dont know which way im going. it seems the only girls that like me i dont like and the ones that i like just wanna be my friend. i have kissed a few girls during this past period of time, (mary kay, brit, jess, laura etc) but none of them would ever amount to anything as far as a gf would go. its not like i did anything serious with any of them either. i dont know. i geussi should just stop looking and let it fall into my lap. thats usually how it happens. but a blast from the past would be really nice.

my apartment smells like pumpkin carving for somereason.

my car is in the shop getting the tail light fixed. i got my moms car till its done.

today i had a meeting with the head of human resources in philly. it was short and sweet. found out my new salary ; )

stopped by the store i started at today in marlton. it was nice to see everyone. reminded me of october when i worked there. my celica. jacee. lunches with nicole. going to the mall with jennyhaha and jess.

i must say i looked quite nice in my calvin klein suit today.

i have the coolest little sister ever.

everyone is coming over in a bit. thats good cause i just woke up so i wont be able to sleep and i need the company.

gina, i think you imed me the other day. i didn't get what it was. if it was important txt me 6093383016. i need an address to send your wedding gift to. please no one give anyone dirty looks at the wedding. i know who is and isn't going to be there. everyone just keep to them selves. please. for gina.
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MY SUMMER IS MADE!!!!! [16 Jun 2004|08:04pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

You guys all know how I have been trying to get promoted at work and going to all different kind of interviews and getting all dressed up for the bosses? Well it has all finally paid off! As of 7/01 I will no longer be a customer service technician, my new title is "Retail Sales Support Representative." hahaha. Mo' Money, Mo' problems. I have to get more shirts and ties cause come July I have to wear them to work everyday. My plastic is gonne be getting a work out at Express. I'm getting my own business cards with my name and title on it. A real employee account with tons more minutes and unlimited txt msg! I'm so fucking excited. I can't wait. So instead of having to go to PST class tomorrow for the position im in now to learn about all the boring new software upgrades for the phones, I get to have the day off and relax. I can't rememeber the last time I had a day off. I busted my ass since the day I got hired and today it paid off. I told the managers I would take them out to lunch saturday as thanks for the huge opportunity they are giving me. I'm just one step away from making commissioin now. I have to stay in the postition I'm at now for atleast six months before I can do that but hey, I was supposed to be a cst for a year before I could get hired for retail, and I was only a cst for 8 months. I couldn't be any happier right now. Life is good. Real good.

My sisters' have both graduated. My parents are throwing the a graduation party saturday. Would anyone like to be my date? I need a girl to walk around with while I tell my out of town family members how much more money I'm making now. hahaha

I have a ton of cousins. I think the ones that don't live around here will be staying with me while they are in town.

I should serious go to Borgota later to celebrate

I think me and Ash are going to Olive Garden tonite. We'll see.

Kurt. Stop eatting all my food, drinking all my soda, and turing my ac up all the way.

Congradulations to all of my friends who graduated this week. Im so proud of all of you.



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my sister graduates tomorrow... [09 Jun 2004|07:30pm]
I am so proud of her.

She wants to stay up here a weekend. Maybe next week when all my cousins come and stay she can come.
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[07 Jun 2004|11:33am]
i can't help but sympathize. there is so much more out there. maybe thats not what you want but maybe it is. no one knows you better then me and maybe thats part of the reason i've lost my appeal.

so the position i applied for was filled by someone who has that position in my store that transfered so now there is an opening for the postition i want in my store. which works out good because this store is the closest one to the new apartment. not that i wouldn't have li ked to drive to a.c. or echelon everyday.

ok gotta shower and go to work.

still recovering from the weekend.


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[06 Jun 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

I had alot of fun last nite. everyone looked so nice. timmy you were lookin o so fine in that tux. all of the girls were beautiful. Prom was fun. Party was fun, too fun i think. didn't get home till 7 am. mad bodies passed out all over my apartment. Don't really remember everything. prob a good thing. Got a free bottle of Jack. went to wild wood today. slept the whole way home. waiting.

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[03 Jun 2004|09:19am]
[ mood | listless ]

got a call at work yesterday. i have to go to echelon today for interview 3. i have inside knowledge on this one. if heather transfers for this spot it will leave an opening in my store. hopefully everything is falling into place. driving to voorhees everyday wouldn't be fun.

met up with sean and josh at the mall yesterday then came back home. geo came and picked me up then we went to "reper-cording"...

went to denny's with dave, geo, kurt.

then came back home and chilled.

i really have to renew my license but i dont think i have enough forms of id.

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